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So I decided that toy Goldie is also golden freddy, or Goldie for short. So now, when you see golden Freddy in sfm videos or in game or pictures...

Goldie/toy Goldie: ITS ME!

Goldie: do you guys like me being golden freddy more?
I guess no one wants to make drawings or pictures of the ships or even put me in pictures when it's a friends picture, or even just putting me in a picture being huged in general....I still have that feeling about leaving da, and it starts to grow now because no one says anything about if they would like to make pictures of the ships or not...I feel ignored...
I was wondering if any of you guys would be alright with making some pictures for some ships I made with some close friends of mine, I'll name and show a picture of the ships:

Hcmario X Leasel (reference of Leasel coming soon!)

Toy Goldie X Funtime foxy (no picture yet but both characters have a picture of each other.)

(Hcpony has had ships before but does not have one anymore, if you have a mare you would like to ship him with that will be alright, as long as it isn't Luna or Celestia because Luna is his mother and Celestia is his aunt.)

Roxas X Duskette:…

Drake X Emily:…

Gabe X Skyla:…

Haden X Baysin:…

Whisp X lousie:…

There are characters I haven't found a ship for, if you have a character you think would look good with them, feel free to make a picture or give me a idea of who to ship with the characters I don't have a ship with yet, here are characters I haven't found a ship for yet:

Saphine (Steven universe)
Greeny (angry birds)
Ben Bunny (looney toons)
Moon tails (sonic)

I hope you guys also enjoy the ships I made with some of my close friends :)
Hocus Pocus!! That's where that song came from! "Children of the night" the song I thought was from my little pony, but it turns out it's actually from that movie "Hocus Pocus!" That's awesome! I always thought it was from mlp XD
Please...daddy.. by GreenWhisp
Haden: please mr tomo, please let me be your son :( I promise I won't ask for stuff, only food and water is what I'll need...I promise I'll behave well and not get into trouble. I won't be to much of a responsibility, I'm just a stray puppy on the streets who wants a loving family and to be cuddled and loved on, like you and Bella....please...don't throw me out into the's always so dark and cold out there and so lonely, I have nothing to eat or drink...*stomach growls loud* I have I am just asking and hoping that you will change your mind...please.. :cries:

first of all, I made my name now Wisp, so its different from Green Whisp the fox spartan. And also I wanted to say was me and Baysin were having trouble about two ships that we have that alot of people like on both ends and we didnt know what to do, Baysin tried to keep her ship, which is called Seasin, at the top, but I was feeling sad about that and we reasoned something out, Baysin came up with this brilliant idea of Sea being Wisps cat form, keep in mind that Baysin herself suggested it, so I was wondering if you guys like that idea, Would you like Sea to be Wisps cat form? So Wisp and Baysins character, which is also named baysin, can be together? Please comment below to say what you think. :)


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United States
Hi there, I am the green whisp, I can summon (draw and show) 6 of my characters that I have made, HC, Hcmario,Hcpony,ToyGoldie,Roxas, and Dracon. If you have any questions about my characters, feel free to ask

my awesome little brother: :iconpokemonone4all: :D

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